Club Doncaster Foundation Overview

Club Doncaster Foundation works alongside Doncaster Rovers Football Club and Doncaster Rugby League to bring professional sport and education to the local community.
The foundation has achieved more than 30 years of inspiring positive change, participation in sport, physical activity and education within the Doncaster community and its surrounding areas.
We utilise the social reach of the professional sports clubs and community stadium to challenge lifelong habits, inspire positive change and motivate sustained participation in sport, physical activity, training and education.
Our work spans across four key areas, working with over 50 local schools in delivering 30 different sports and education programmes, reaching an aggregate attendance of 164,783 people during the 2017/18 season, impacting more than 6000 participants a year across the four areas of specialism.
The Foundation also offer potential employees the chance to gain relevant qualifications in their chosen field of work, due to the close relationships with the Football Association (FA) and relevant bodies surrounding Club Community Organisation (CCO) training, including the English Football League (EFL) and the Premier League.

Situated within the Keepmoat Stadium, the Foundation has access to top quality facilities to help inspire the next generation of sporting athletes and coaches, as well as close ties to both Doncaster Rovers and Doncaster Rugby League.